Academic Writing

A selection of my academic writing includes:

International Reporting

Specialist Journalism (Routledge)

A chapter of analysis of the changing role of the international journalist.

Crossing the Thin Blue Line
Journalism on Trial (Arima Publishing)

This chapter analyses the role of the Metropolitan Police in the Hacking Scandal. It examines claims of police corruption given as evidence in the Leveson inquiry and assesses the dynamics of the relationship between News International and the Metropolitan police.

 Dislocal and Disloyal

 A chapter in What Do We Mean by Local (Arima Publishing)

This chapter looks at the effect of the decline of local media on atrophying civic virtue and increasing social unrest. With the contraction of local newspapers and media, are communities in the UK becoming more anonymous and therefore less harmonious and more violent?

The Under-reporting of the Arab Spring

 in Mirage in the Desert: Reporting the Arab Spring

This chapter argues that the economic causes of the Arab Spring which arose from asymmetrical economic development were under-reported in the dominant media narratives of a facebook revolution and drive for democratisation.


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